Facility Membership Information

A hospital or health entity, using the MEDITECH system, may join MUSE as an organization. An unlimited number of users (who are employed by the organization) will enjoy all of the MUSE benefits and gain access. The annual membership fee is determined by the number of beds in the hospital. A 'bed' is defined as an acute care bed. Any other bed, such as rehab, extended care, long-term care, etc. can be counted at a 2 to 1 ratio - that is, these other beds are considered ½ of an acute care bed. This is for counting purposes only, not clinically speaking - we don't want to offend anyone!

To join the MUSE organization, simply click the "Join Now" button below and submit your payment.


For more information, contact the MUSE toll free at 844-491-4703 ext 2 or via e-mail at michele@museweb.org


 Acute Care Beds  Annual Facility Membership Fee
 1 to 50  $360
 51 to 150  $940
 151 to 500  $1,245
 501 to 1,000  $1,540
1,001 to 2,000 $1,840
More than 2,000 $2,150