Product Showcase Overview

Are you looking for an affordable and convenient way to share your solution with your audience?

Then a MUSE Virtual Product Showcase is for you! The Showcase program is designed to allow you to demonstrate the functionality and benefits of your offering.


How does it work?

The program operates utilizing the MUSE gotowebinar system so that you can present a webinar. Your audience will log in to watch your online presentation while listening to you speak.

This is your opportunity to let your solution shine. Whether you’d like to combine a presentation or case study to enhance your product, or simply demonstrate the product itself, the content is up to you. Put yourself in your audience’s shoes – what would you want to see and hear to interest you?



MUSE provides:

  • There is a $995 fee for each Showcase.
  • When you submit your Showcase, you must include the presentation title, abstract and presenter bio. You will be contacted by a MUSE staff member to confirm acceptance of your submission, and to secure a date and time for your Showcase.
  • Each Showcase should be one hour in length, with 10-15 minutes of Q&A time built into the presentation.
  • Two emails will be sent to the MUSE membership advertising your Showcase. The first will be sent three weeks before your program; the second will be sent within the week before your Showcase.
  • The Showcase will be posted on the webinar page of the MUSE website, and members will register for your Showcase through the MUSE website.
  • MUSE maintains the registration routine; you will receive the attendee list prior to your Showcase, and upon its conclusion.
  • Commercial Members earn .5 (one-half) of a priority point per Showcase.


Terms and Conditions

The Virtual Product Showcase is governed by the MUSE educational sessions regulations, specifically the directive for appropriate professional conduct. Unacceptable conduct includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Comparing a product or service to another Commercial Member’s product or service
  • Criticizing or otherwise representing a MEDITECH product or another Commercial Member’s product or service in a negative or condescending way.
  • Utilizing an audience plant to champion a specific product or service to compare a product or service of another Commercial Member of MEDITECH.
  • Virtual Product or Service Showcases are solely intended to education the MUSE audience on products that directly complement the MEDITECH HCIS. MUSE will review submissions and reject sessions that do not meet this guideline.



  • MUSE Virtual Product Showcase payments are final and non-refundable, unless a technology failure occurs during the presentation, and the session is disrupted beyond completion.
  • MUSE does not guarantee attendees, and therefore will not offer refunds due to low attendance.
  • Appropriate time to market the webinar is required. MUSE requires the presentation information and PowerPoint five weeks prior to the presentation date, or the presentation may be cancelled and no refund issued.
  • Date change requests may not be possible, and are only available at least three weeks before the scheduled session, and only if the announcement has not been sent to MUSE membership.
  • All regulations, policies and rules are subject to amendment and alteration by MUSE Board and staff.


Parameters for the Showcase

  • Three Showcases are available per month, on a first come, first serve basis.
  • A Commercial Member is permitted to offer no more than five Showcases per calendar year.
  • A Commercial Member may not offer consecutive Virtual Product Showcases.
  • An encore Showcase may not be offered.
  • For operational needs, the MUSE Board or staff have the ability to make exceptions to the above parameters.


How do I participate?

View the available timeslots below and click on the Month you wish to run your Product Showcase.

After purchasing your Showcase time slot, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Showcase title
  • Abstract
  • Presenter name(s) and bio(s)
  • Preferred date and time


For questions, please contact Alicia Roberts at or 844-491-4703 ext 3.


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