Purchase a Focus Group session at 2024 MUSE Inspire Conference

What do you want to learn from MUSE attendees?

A focus group is a session that brings together a small group of people to answer questions and discuss pertinent issues in a moderated setting. Focus groups are a great opportunity to receive valuable feedback from MUSE members. These sessions are intended to be educational and interactive, not promotions of any specific products or services.

Incentives may be offered to entice conference attendees to attend a Focus Group session. Any incentives must be communicated to, and approved by, MUSE prior to the conference.

This is your opportunity to engage with a group of conference attendees on a specific topic of your choice

Duration: 45 minutes

Availability: Friday May 31

Fee: $695


Deadline for Focus Group purchase is April 5, 2024.

Purchasing a Focus Group is a Two Step Process

Step 1: Click on the Purchase Focus Group button below (you will be prompted to log in).  

Step 2: After purchasing the Focus Group, you will receive an email confirmation.

            This confirmation email will provide you a link to submit content details about your Focus Group.

            Your Focus Group will not be scheduled if the contents are not submitted.




The session title, agenda, and the presenter(s) bio(s) must be submitted prior to the conference, and must accurately reflect the agenda that will be offered at the conference.
MUSE makes no guarantees regarding the date and/or time that any session will be scheduled. Preferences will not be considered unless solicited by MUSE. This may occur in situations where scheduling options are available. In those situations, preference will be given to Commercial members with the highest Priority Points.

Additionally, these sessions are governed by the MUSE educational sessions regulations, specifically the directive for appropriate professional conduct. Unacceptable conduct includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Comparing a product or service to another Commercial Member’s product or service or a product of MEDITECH.
  • Criticizing or otherwise representing a MEDITECH product or another Commercial Member’s product or service in a negative or condescending way.
  • Utilizing an “audience plant” to champion a specific product or service or to compare a product or service of that of another Commercial Member or MEDITECH.
If a MUSE member reports inappropriate conduct during these sessions, the Commercial Member will face a penalty of 4 Priority Points and may lose the privilege of hosting such sessions at future conferences.
Commercial Members may attend these types of sessions of another Commercial Member only if invited to do so by the session facilitator. It is the responsibility of the hosting Commercial Member to monitor his/her own session to ensure that no uninvited members of the Commercial Member community are present. Should the presenting Commercial Member be faced with a situation where an uninvited Commercial Member is present, he/she may privately and discreetly request that the Commercial Member leave the demonstration area. Should the uninvited Commercial Member fail to do so, a MUSE representative can be summoned. If the Commercial Member fails to leave at the request of the MUSE representative, a penalty of 4 Priority Points will be assessed against the Commercial Member in question.


If you have any questions about the Focus Group, please email muse@museweb.org or call 844-491-4703 ext 5.