MUSE Commercial Members have access to MUSE membership lists and attendee lists for MUSE events. Commercial Members may use these lists for direct marketing purposes, but must follow these guidelines:

MUSE membership and attendee lists are available for communications that are relevant to registrants for the particular MUSE event and MUSE members in general. If asked, Commercial Members must be able to clearly identify the value of the communication, from the recipient’s perspective, to the MUSE Board of Directors. The assessed value of the communications is at the sole discretion of MUSE.

MUSE membership and attendee lists include a wide range of MEDITECH hospital users. It is the responsibility of the Commercial Member to use all available information to sort and distill their final list to the target market prior to launching the marketing. Examples of sorting categories include, but are not limited to:

Job description of the recipient

Type of MEDITECH products being used
Size of hospital

Geographic location

Although there are no specific maximum number of marketing campaigns dictated by MUSE, it is expected that a Commercial Member does not send out emails so frequently that being on the MUSE mailing list becomes undesirable to its members. If a specific company is abusing this flexibility or has shown themselves unable or unwilling to keep marketing within what MUSE considers reasonable, MUSE retains the right to revoke a Commercial Member’s right to use these lists for direct marketing purposes.

MUSE membership or attendee lists cannot be given, traded, shared or sold to another company or party.

Under no circumstances can the MUSE membership or attendee lists be used to promote a non-MUSE event, webcast, or publication. User Group meetings that are taking place during the same timelines as a MUSE event must be marketed using the organizing group’s own marketing lists.

MUSE membership or attendee lists may not be used as a recruitment tool. Emails, newsletters, or cold calls that include information regarding employment opportunities outside of the member’s hospital are prohibited. Commercial Members wanting to reach MUSE Members who are seeking employment can access the Career Center on the MUSE website.

The content of the communications sent must in no way be detrimental or damaging to any the MUSE membership, MEDITECH, the MUSE organization, or those employees and volunteers of MUSE.

Failure to abide by these rules can result in a fine of up to 5 Priority Points, and/or a financial penalty of up to $1,500.00, and/or suspension or termination of membership.

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