Sponsor Community Peer Group


MUSE stages some events at hospitals. Often, meeting space at a hospital is limited. This in turn reduces the opportunities for Commercial members to exhibit at such events.

However, even with limited space, there may be room for some exhibits. The challenge is how best to fairly and consistently offer those opportunities to the Commercial member community. These guidelines for assigning exhibitor space have been established for such occasions:

  • The host hospital can suggest one Commercial member to invite. MUSE will offer one exhibit space to this Commercial member.
  • The remaining exhibitor spaces will be awarded as follows:
  • 50% based on the Priority Points system
  • 50% based on a lottery system


MUSE will announce a Call for Participation outlining the event (location; date; agenda; etc.) including the number exhibitor spaces available. Those Commercial members wishing to participate will indicate their interest on the form below by a the deadline date. Following the deadline, MUSE will review all requests and award exhibitor space according to the formula noted above.

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