Purchase Your Booth

Time slots to select your booth are based on the Priority Points System. The times are assigned based on the greatest number of points. On your company date and time you will have access to the Exhibit Hall sales floor to purchase your booth. Booths can be only be purchased online using AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD;checks are not accepted for payment. Your purchase must be completed within 5 minutes or your booth will be released for another member to purchase.

MUSE does not allow end caps.  Multiple booths must be selected in a linear (vertical) line.  You may NOT select two end booths that back up to one another horizontally.

Click on the booth(s) desired until it turns green. Scroll to the bottom of the page and check the box "I have read" and click "Submit" to proceed in your booth selection.



 Booth Size  Price  Badges Included  Priority Points 
10 x 10 Linear  $3,700  2  3.7
10 x 10 Corner  $4,200  2  4.2
 10 x 20 Linear  $8,100   4  7.4
 20 x 20 Island $14,500  5  14.5
 Sold Booth