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API Identity Authentication - Promoting Interoperability
Last Post 19 Mar 2019 02:37 by Nicholas Wyatt. 1 Replies.
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Sandi Troup New Member New Member Posts:1
13 Mar 2019 11:57
    For the Provider to Patient exchange - we need an API to allow patients to have access to their record from an application of their choice. Have any of you selected an identity verification provider such as ADFS or Secure Auth? Can you tell us about your experience?

    Thank you.
    Nicholas Wyatt New Member New Member Posts:2
    19 Mar 2019 02:37
    Hi Sandi!

    We've not selected an IdP provider yet either, but I just had a call with Meditech, and it sounds as though we may not have to utilize a third party for authentication; Assuming you are already using Meditech's patient portal solution.

    For sites using Meditech's patient portal, Meditech is creating an authentication tool; which will allow patient's to utilize the App of their choice, but will direct them to the patient portal authentication screen to authenticate a secure session for their app. The added bonus is that "we" as the healthcare provider, will not be required to make additional linking steps (i.e. linking a patient's amazon account to their medical record), instead, patients will use their already linked patient portal credentials to authenticate.

    The Meditech specialist that I spoke with today mentioned that documentation is expected to roll out in 1-2 weeks; We will be patiently awaiting!

    I hope you find this information helpful!
    Nic Wyatt

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