A webinar is at time-efficient, free venue to attend an exciting MUSE educational session. It’s a conference on the Internet. A webinar is an online meeting and teleconference where users can hear presenters (and ask questions) through the telephone and watch a power point presentation using the internet. This format allows for multiple participants at each site and registration is free!  Webinars allow people to share information without actually having to travel, thereby saving time and money.

A Virtual Product Showcase
webinar is an opportunity for a MUSE Commercial Member to demonstration the functionality and benefits of their product or solution. It can be case study or a presentation or a demonstration of their product or solution. 

MUSE International does not endorse any product or service discussed during the Showcase. The options and beliefs expressed during this program are not those of MUSE International.

A virtual JAM session provides dedicated networking time for the peer group participants. Peer group meetings strive to focus on networking, education, and solutions. (Note that Commercial members can be a valuable resource of information, expertise, and experience. They are welcome to participate). 



  Webinars are now included FREE with your MUSE Membership 
Questions? Contact alicia@museweb.org