Exhibitor Logistics

Key Steps to Maximizing Your Exhibiting Experience at the 2020 MUSE Inspire Conference.

Download the Exhibitor Prospectus
Exhibit Hall Dates and Times
View the Detailed Exhibit Hall Floorplan  or  See What Booths Are Still Available Below
Purchase Booth - Booth Sales start January 24th based on Priority Points
Register your booth staff (based on the size of booth you purchase; some booth staff are included). You will not be able to register any booth staff until your booth has been purchased. 
Registration fees and deadlines
Become an Exhibitor
Manage your Exhibitor Directory Listing and register to play MUSEO
Freeman Exhibitor Kit ... Order carpet, electrical, furniture, etc.
Order Lead Retrieval
Make Hotel Reservations
Demonstrate your product! Purchase a Product Showcase session
(deadline March 31, 2020; $595 fee)
Download Marketing supports for your email and website to highlight your attendance at the conference
Review the Exhibitor Timeline to make sure you don't miss anything
Do you have a client or customer who is not a MUSE member? They may be eligible to attend for free. Review the Guest Pass opportunity
Promote Your Booth Giveaway
Review the Sponsorship Catalog to make a big splash with additional marketing!
Review the IAEE Guidelines for booth size and design

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Booth Sales

You must have an active membership to purchase a booth. To renew your membership. log into the website, click on you name at the top of the screen. On the MY MUSE page, click on RENEW MY COMPANY MEMBERSHIP and follow the onscreen instructions to pay by credit card.

Date and Time for Booth Sales

Time slots to select your booth are based on the Priority Points System. The times are assigned based on the greatest number of points. On your company date and time, you will have access to the Exhibit Hall sales floor to purchase your booth. Booths can only be purchased online using AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD, checks are not accepted for payment. Your purchase must be completed within 30 minutes or your booth will be released for another member to purchase.

View the Exhibit Hall Show Floor

BELOW IS A "VIEW ONLY" VERSION OF THE 2020 MUSE INSPIRE CONFERENCE EXHIBIT HALL FLOOR. MUSE does not allow end caps. Multiple booths must be selected in a linear (vertical) line. You may NOT select two end booths that back up to one another horizontally.

Booth Size, Price, Badges and Priority Points

 Booth Size  Price  Badges Included  Priority Points 
10 x 10 Linear  $3,795  2  3.8
10 x 10 Corner  $4,295  2  4.3
 10 x 20 Linear  $8,195   4  8.2
 20 x 20 Island $14,595  5  14.6

Additional Booth Staff Registration Fees

Note: You MUST be an exhibitor to attend the conference.

  Mid Jan - Feb 21 Feb 22 - Apr 30 May 1 - On Site
MUSE Members - Full Conference $595 $825 $1,145
MUSE Members - Daily Rate $425 $525 $850


Exhibitor Timeline of Important Dates

January 24 Booth Sales begin - based on Priority Points
February 7 Deadline to submit Educational Presentations
February 21 Early Bird Registration for Additional Booth Personnel Ends
March 31 Deadline to submit Product Showcase sessions
April 30 Last day before Registration Rates Increase


Exhibit Hall Dates and Times

Tuesday May 26  
8:00 am - 7:00 pm Exhibitor Move-in
Wednesday May 27  
9:30 am - 6:00 pm Open
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm Lunch and Dessert
4:30 pm - 6:00 pm Welcome Reception
Thursday May 28  
 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Open
 7:30 am - 8:30 am Breakfast
12:45 pm - 1:30 pm Dessert
Friday May 29  
7:30 am - 10:00 am Open
7:30 am - 8:30 am Breakfast
10:00 am Closed - Exhibitor Move-out            


Guest Pass

As a result of a CMC recommendation from last year's conference, MUSE gives exhibiting Commercial Members Exhibitors the opportunity to acquire guest passes to the 2020 MUSE Inspire Conference for their non-MUSE member customers. In addition, MUSE is offering 3 priority points if the guest hospital joins MUSE within 12 months of attending the conference!

  • Only non-MUSE member MEDITECH hospitals, or a non-MEDITECH hospital that is considering purchasing MEDITECH within the next twelve months, are eligible for this program. A non-MUSE member facility that has been a MUSE member previously is eligible if they have not had an active MUSE membership for 24 months.  
  • Non-MUSE member hospitals are only eligible for guest passes for one event.
  • The host Commercial Member Exhibitor can apply for up to two guest passes per hospital. The hospital must either become a MUSE member or pay the non-member registration fees to attend any future events.
  • The guest attendee must be any employee of the guest hospital; consultants or contractors are not eligible to attend the conference under this initiative.
  • If the guest hospital joins MUSE within 12 months of attending the International MUSE Conference, then the Commercial Member is eligible for 3 priority points.
  • A Commercial Member who convenes any of the guidelines may be subject to a penalty of up to 4 Priority Points and will not be eligible to purchase guest passes for future events.

Send your request for a Guest Pass to muse@museweb.org

Marketing Support

In order to help support your marketing efforts, MUSE has developed signature attachment and web ads for you to use in your emails and on your website. The graphics allow you to add your booth number - and it can be linked back to conference web page. Click on the image below to download a Photoshop file you can add your booth number to.


2020 Email Signature   2019 Web Ad



MUSEO? What’s that? MUSEO – like a “Bingo Lottery” – uses a game card to allow conference attendees to collect stickers and win prizes. 

Each attendee is issued a game card. Each game card has a square with the name of each participating exhibitor. When attendees visit an exhibitor’s booth, they can receive a sticker to place on the appropriate square of their MUSEO game card (stickers are supplied). Attendees with completed game cards are eligible to win donated prizes.

For those exhibitors who wish to participate there is no fee, however you must donate a prize worth $100 US or more. Registration to participate in MUSEO is done in the Exhibitor Services CenterDEADLINE TO REGISTER TO PARTICIPATE FOR MUSEO IS APRIL 24, 2020.

Recognition is given to the donor as the prize is presented. This is a proven method of increasing your traffic and exposure at this conference!

Bring your gift to the conference. You MUST have your $100 gift delivered to the MUSE registration desk by 4:00 PM on WEDNESDAY MAY 27. Please attach a business card.

If your organization commits to MUSEO and does not provide a gift by the time indicated above, a $100 gift will be purchased on your behalf and your company will be invoiced $100 for the gift and an additional $100 processing fee.

Participate in MUSEO

Manage Your Exhibitor Listing


Complete your directory listing today. You have options!

  Company name   Company name     Company name
  Address   Address    Address
  Phone number    Phone number     Phone number 
  Contact Name    Contact Name    Contact Name
  1OO word company description    50 word company description    20 word company description
  1 category listing    1 category listing    1 category listing
   Contact email address    Contact email address    
   Website address    Website address    
   Company Logo    Company Logo    
  Up to 3 pieces marketing collateral        

Purchase additional categories for your listing $150

Manage Your Exhibitor Listing


Promote Your Prize Giveaway

Do you have a prize draw at your booth? MUSE will advertise your prize draws. Send your details to muse@museweb.org by May 1