The International Education Exchange (IEE) contest is an exciting opportunity to share presentations with peers globally.  Each year at the MUSE International Conference, a number of qualified finalists are judged and the winners enjoy an all-expense paid trip to present their sessions at the MEDITECH Users Network Conference in the United Kingdom.
Initiated in 1999, the IEE contest has enhanced the quality of MUSE conference presentations. Past winners speak fondly of the overall experience – it is both professionally and personally rewarding.
The MEDITECH Users Network committee stages an IEE competition at their annual conference in the United Kingdom (UK). Those winners are awarded a trip to present their sessions at the International MUSE Conference the following year. Thus, the ‘exchange’ of international education!



Corey Tillyer, MUSE Chairperson (right), congratulates Candice Friestad, RN, MSN, MBA, winner of the IEE contest at the 2016 International MUSE Conference in Orlando, Florida. Candice, the Director, Clinical Informatics for Avera Health in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, outlined the Alarm Integration strategy at Avera Health. Candice offered her presentation at the MEDITECH Users Network (MUN) conference in Liverpool, UK (September 28-29, 2016).

Corey Tillyer, MUSE Chairperson (right), congratulates Melanie Robertson on winning the IEE contest at the MEDITECH Users Network (MUN) conference in Liverpool, UK (September 28-29, 2016). Melanie, a Consultant Nurse Oncology at City Hospitals Sunderland NHS Foundation Trust, offered an engaging presentation on the implementation of the oncology module. Melanie will offer her winning presentation at the 2017 International MUSE conference in Dallas, Texas (May 30-June 2).



1. Submission of Presentation

Presentations for the IEE at the International MUSE Conference are submitted via the ‘Call for Participation’ form on the MUSE website. Those presenters interested in the IEE competition can indicate so on the form.
The cut-off date for IEE presentation submissions is February 28, 2018. The submission must include the presentation title, presenter’s bio, and a complete and comprehensive abstract. The duration of the presentation should be 55 minutes.
IEE contestants must also submit a preliminary PowerPoint presentation by February 28, 2018 in order to be considered by the judges. This is a new requirement.  PowerPoints must be submitted in the Presenter Center. Late submissions will not be accepted.
2. Review of Submissions
A panel of judges will review each presentation to determine the finalists. Preliminary submissions are judged on:
  • Relevance of topic
  • Content and professionalism of the submitted abstract and preliminary PowerPoint.
  • Applicability to the United Kingdom audience
EU audiences share similar interests to American and Canadian colleagues, but there are many legislative and system differences. An awareness of such issues is necessary to increase the likelihood of a presentation becoming a finalist. MUSE wants to ensure that the winning presentations are relevant and beneficial to the UK audience.
HIPAA is U.S. legislation that does not apply in the EU. A presentation called, “Meeting HIPAA Requirements in a MEDITECH World,” for example, would not meet the IEE contest criteria. However, a presentation titled, “Addressing Access Management and Confidentiality Issues in MEDITECH” might well be judged a finalist. The EU does have legislation similar to HIPPA, so the topic is appropriate.

There is no full Client/Server installation in the EU, but a contestant from a Client/Server site may well be eligible as long as the topic for the IEE entry is not focused on specific Client/Server modules. A more generic presentation concerning “Clinical Implementation Strategy” would be more acceptable than one titled “EMR Implementation Strategy”.

3.  Notification Process
The finalists are notified well in advance of the International MUSE Conference where they make their ‘live’ presentations. The MEDITECH Users Network Confererence can occur within 6-8 weeks of the International MUSE Conference so finalists should ensure that they have proper and valid travel documents (i.e. passport) in anticipation of winning the IEE contest.

4. Finalists present sessions at the International MUSE Conference
The panel of judges critique:
  • The relevance of the presentation topic – see the considerations above.
  • Knowledge of the presentation topic – finalists should be prepared to field questions following their presentations.
  • The presenter's ability to articulate the value of the presentation – a good presenter helps the audience understand why the topic is interesting and pertinent.
  • Overall quality of the presentation – a first-rate presentation includes stories of personal experiences, challenges, and successes. The presentation should have a pleasing flow, clear structure, and beneficial slides.
5. Award Presentation
The top presenter wins a trip to present his/her session at the MEDITECH Users Network Conference in the United Kingdom, typically held in September. The winners will also present their sessions via a MUSE Webinar at future mutually agreed upon date.
Judges may offer suggestions to the winners to better prepare them to present. Differences in the healthcare systems and terminology may need review. Any changes would most likely be minor and cosmetic, simply to ensure that the presenter is prepared and enjoys a positive experience

The Fine Print:
  • Only Facility or Associate members in good standing may participate.
  • MUSE covers the cost of economy class, round-trip airfare, airport transfers, four nights hotel (standard room), and a reasonable per diem for meals.
  • The IEE prize is not transferable.
  • Prize must be used in the year it is awarded; otherwise the prize is forfeited.
  • There is no cash value.
  • Only one presenter per presentation is eligible to receive the prize.
  • The decision of the judges is final.